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WebSocket Class

Implementation of the WebSocket protocol v8.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  FM.LiveSwitch
Assembly:  FM.LiveSwitch (in FM.LiveSwitch.dll) Version: (

The WebSocket type exposes the following members.

Public methodWebSocket(String)
Creates a new WebSocket.
Public methodWebSocket(String, String)
Creates a new WebSocket.
Public propertyBufferedAmount
Gets the number of bytes buffered in the send queue.
Public propertyStatic memberExists
Gets a value indicating whether WebSocket support exists on this platform.
Public propertyIsOpen
Gets a value indicating whether the WebSocket is connected.
Public propertyProtocol
Gets the WebSocket protocol.
Public propertySecure
Gets a value indicating whether the WebSocket is secure.
Public methodClose
Closes the WebSocket connection.
Public methodClose(WebSocketCloseArgs)
Closes the WebSocket connection.
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Public methodOpen
Opens the WebSocket connection.
Protected methodRaiseCloseComplete
Raises the close complete callback.
(Inherited from WebSocketBase.)
Protected methodRaiseOpenFailure
Raises the open failure callback.
(Inherited from WebSocketBase.)
Protected methodRaiseOpenSuccess
Raises the open success callback.
(Inherited from WebSocketBase.)
Protected methodRaiseReceive
Raises the receive callback.
(Inherited from WebSocketBase.)
Protected methodRaiseStreamFailure
Raises the stream failure callback.
(Inherited from WebSocketBase.)
Public methodSend
Sends a message to the WebSocket server.
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