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PoolStatistics Class
Manager of the pool. Can take or return databuffers so that they don't get garbage collected.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: FM.IceLink
Assembly: FM.IceLink (in FM.IceLink.dll) Version: (

The PoolStatistics type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActivePools
Gets the number of pools in use.
Public propertyHitPercentage
Gets the percentage of pool cache hits.
Public propertyMissPercentage
Gets the percentage of pool cache misses.
Public propertyPaddingWasted
Gets the amount of buffer padding that is unused for caller's requested buffers.
Public propertyPendingPoolSize
Gets the total size of all buffers currently in the pool.
Public propertyTotalCalls
Gets the total calls to obtain a DataBuffer.
Public propertyTotalPools
Gets the total pools created.
Public propertyTotalPoolSize
Gets the total size of all buffers allocated in the pool.
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